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DEIA Story

Erianne Gibson, Pharm D

Apothecary 1863 Founder


"Why a skincare line for kids?"

As I told my idea to family and friends this question came up alot.

"Well, why not for kids?"

As a mother of a child under 5 going on 17 I was always worried about her using my skincare products. As a Pharmacist I know that her delicate and high water content skin will absorb the ingredients much better than my own skin. I was not comfortable with her using alot of my products. Her personality is one though that is persistent and she will find a way to get what she wants. So DEIA was born as a way to provide her with safe products that were hers and hers alone (though I have found myself using them and loving them).

I also struggled with a consistent skin care regimen as a teen and young adult. I had such issues with my skin that I was always looking for something else. What I didn't realize was that taking care of your skin is more than soap, toner, and lotion. So much of it depends on what your skin type is and there are so many products that are marketed for "problem skin" that can make certain problems much worse. DEIA was also a way to begin to teach good habits and understanding of taking care of the largest organ our body possesses.

"But what is DEIA?"

You know how kids make up words and names? My daughter is the queen at make believe and always had a list of names for her dolls and pretend friends. One name that came up repeatedly was Deia (Day-ya). When I was searching for a name for the skincare line I wanted to represent my daughter somehow. I started out with playing with combos of our names, our letters, and initials. At one point DEIA was generated and I instantly giggled thinking of the number of times my daughter had told me that was my name in some make believe story we were playing. The name stuck and now every time I see the labels I have such a fond memory of my daughter in the process.

The Products

As a mother concerned about the products my daughter was using and as a Pharmacist with ingredient knowledge curating and creating products for DEIA became an obsession. I researched heavily every single ingredient. If you choose DEIA for yourself or your child please be confident in how much thought I put into each product not only as a pharmacist but also as a concerned mother.

It was also incredibly important to me that these products were produced with safety at the forefront. I am a HUGE supporter of small businesses that create things directly with their hands. However, I know how unstable and how quickly bacteria can grow in certain products. I didn't want to be making these products for children in my home lab. I spent time looking for and researching different labs to create these products in a safe and clean environment. I'm confident that my products are being produced to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.


I have two specific goals for Apothecary 1863's DEIA Skincare Line.

  1. Safe and Effective products

  2. Education geared towards kids to help them understand the importance of taking care of their skin and the best way to do that.

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